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Sleep Sacks are wonderful inventions. Part clothing and part blanket, they kept my babies sleeping well in their cribs until they were 3 years old. They are generally considered to be safer and more convenient than traditional blankets and most Moms I know swear by them. There are many great brands out there. One of the original and best is still GroBag. A British company, they still have some of the most stringent tests and safety standards  in the market. We tend to look for their sleep sacks whenever possible. Other brands that we like include Dream Bag, Aden & Anais, Halo and Nested Bean, but there are many to choose from!

Sleep Sacks come in many sizes and different thicknesses, so choose the "weight" or thickness that is right for the temperature of babies room (not the outside weather). Sometimes you need a cooler one for winter if you keep your central heating on high, and a warmer one for summer if you have very strong AC.

Sleep Sacks should be longer than baby's legs and give him plenty of room to move his legs around, just like when you are in bed.  They are not the same as swaddles which are designed to fit snugly and restrict movement.

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