Giving Back - Building Our Village

The Village Green Community Fund

We are serious about being a part of your village. There are times that we all need a little extra help. If extreme circumstances are hampering your ability to provide clothing and shoes for your children, we are here to help. Whether due to financial concerns, a disaster such as fire or flood, or an unexpected event like a new family member, if you need help, you only have to ask.

Our Community Fund is provided through the generosity of customers who donate clothes to the store. They must be in saleable condition, and then instead of paying the seller, we put that credit into our Community Fund. Any clothes we receive which are not of our selling standard, or are simply not needed in the store, are donated to local groups such as The Compassion Society or Salvation Army. They will use what they can, and anything unusable is sent for fabric recycling. We aim to ensure that nothing ends up in landfill.

To take advantage of the community fund, simply email us in strictest confidence, with details of how many children you need to provide for, and what type of items you need (for example, winter coats, shoes, summer clothes). You will be emailed a gift voucher for the store which you can spend on anything you choose, at no cost to you. Please remember this is paid for by the kindness of my customers, and as such although we require no evidence or documentation, please only request help if you are genuinely in need of assistance.

Email and someone will reply to you within 48 hours.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone that might need it, or that might be interested in supporting the fund. When selling to us, you are always welcome to choose to donate part, or all, of your credit. For example, if we offer you $30 for your clothes, you may choose to take $20 for yourself, and donate $10 to the community fund.

More information is available from the above email address. Please reach out if you have any questions.