Sell to Us

How to sell

We offer weekly no-contact pick up's throughout Waterdown, Dundas and Burlington. The specific day may vary due to demand, but message us through Facebook ( or email us to be added to our next pick up day.

If there is sufficient demand, we will organize pick ups Hamilton or Oakville, so feel free to email / message to register your interest. You may also drop off at my home at any time. Please message for the address. 

When we pick up, we will ask that your bags be left outside your home, and we will give you a 2 hour window during which we will collect. Please ensure you name and email address are securely fixed to your bag. We accept one large bag (blue recycling bag or similar), one diaper box, or three large shopping bags per pick up. Please respect this limit. Storage is an ongoing challenge and there is only me processing your items. 

  • Schedule your pickup and ensure that you are able to leave your bag outside in a visible location, safe from rain.
  • INSPECT your items. Please remove any items that are: stained, have holes, excessive wear, pilling, missing buttons, broken zippers, faded, shrunk, missing size / brand tags, home made, or more than 3 years old. (Please note, we reserve the right to charge a $10 collection fee if more than half of your items do not meet our quality standards. The collection fee will be deducted from the final purchase price of the items we have collected from you).
  • Fold your items into a bag. Label the bag clearly with your name and email address.
  • We will email or message you with a list of what we are interested in purchasing, with offer price. We prefer to pay with store credit and will offer you 35 - 40% of expected sale price in credit. If you strongly prefer cash we can make that exception. In that case you will receive 30% of expected sale price, via EMT.
  • You may choose to collect your un-purchased items from my home in South West Burlington, or you may opt for us to donate them on your behalf. You will be required to pick them up within 7 days or they will be donated. 


What we look for

- Children's clothes from newborn to 14 years. Baby clothes are not big sellers so we accept VERY LITTLE for ages under 3 years. Please do not send large bags of infant clothes as they will not all be accepted.

 - Clean, EXCELLENT used condition clothes. 

- Good brands: We do accept supermarket brands (Joe Fresh, George) if the item is super cute, or new with Tags.  We are predominantly looking for Osh Kosh, Children's Place, Gap or better. We also really like active wear brands, and trendy brands like Justice.

- Shoes & Boots: Must be in Excellent condition.

- Dress Up Clothes: Good quality, excellent condition. Halloween costumes are accepted but should not be the cheap style that only hold up to one wearing. They should be decent quality and washable. 

- Swimwear: Accepted if in EUC with no staining at all.

- School Uniform: Plain navy and white pieces are accepted, but nothing crested. We accept only a small amount of school-wear so if there is already lots in stock we may not accept any.

- Books: Chapter books and Non-fiction (preferably hardback) books in EXCELLENT condition, for ages 4+. Limited numbers of picture books for younger children.  Please note that we pay approx. 25% of sale price for books. 

- Dance Wear: accepted if in EUC.

- Underwear / socks / Tights etc: Accepted only if NEW IN PACKAGE. 

- Accessories: Waterproof mittens / gloves accepted. For other items please message for guidance.




At the current time we are prefer to pay in store credit. The current rate is approx. 35 % of expected sale price, in store credit. There is no expiry date on your store credit. You may choose to gift your store credit to a friend. For higher demand items we pay 30% of expected sale price in cash. Cash is sent via EMT.

Items we do not accept (and there will always be some - I am un-apologetically picky, that is what makes the store great!) are donated on your behalf to a local women's charity, such as the Compassion Society or similar. If you do not wish to have them donated and want them returned, you may collect from my home within 7 days. Message me for the address.



That's All.....

Finally, please respect our guidelines and only pack items that meet our standards.  A lot of time, energy and resources are put into scheduling pick ups and inspecting the clothes.  When in doubt, send us an email with your questions.  Thank you for your understanding.

And that's it: Contactless, easy, hassle-free. You can bask in the warm glow of knowing that you are helping to save the planet, and the anticipation of shopping for some new gems for your kidlets. Supporting a local business, saving money, donating to a good cause, and helping other local families are all icing on the cupcakes of warm and fuzzy feelings. Thank you for supporting Village Green Boutique.